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The author who needs no introduction in India, much renowned for his captivating children’s literature and definitely one of the most loved authors in the country, Ruskin Bond… “Naam toh suna hee hoga?” Yes, Ruskin Bond.

Who is Ruskin Bond? Bibliography of Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is undoubtedly one of India’s most renowned children’s author. He has written over 500 novels and short stories like The Room on the Roof, The Blue Umbrella etc. He received Sahitya Akademi Award in 1993, the Padma Shri in 1999 and the Padma Bhushan in 2014. The magic which he creates with his writing is beyond comprehension. He ventured into this field with ‘Untouchable’, his first short story, at the tender age of sixteen. Then at seventeen, he authored ‘The Room on the Roof’ which won him the prestigious John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize in the year 1957. And this Indian storyteller of British descent commenced his never-ending journey of authoring memorable fiction ever since.

Ruskin Bond started focussing on children’s literature when he was around forty. He says that writing for kids is more complex than writing for adults as the young reader will put the book aside the moment, he loses his interest whereas adults are more patient. And we all have witnessed how perfectly his stories have been holding our interest for decades now, making him the most loved children’s author and the most inspirational one also for the young readers. His simple yet pragmatic writing encourages young readers to develop a habit of reading. Many of his works are included in the syllabi of almost all the schools in India. Ruskin Bond has been writing for more than six decades now, with more than 500 short stories, essays, and novels across genres to his credit the latest being ‘A Song of India’ released in July 2020.

His works have been adapted into Television series and movies also. Rusty, who is the central character of many of his stories, is inspired by Ruskin Bond himself, and the stories woven around Rusty are inspired by Mr. Bond’s own childhood spent in Dehradun, where he lived with his grandfather. This is the reason why most of his stories are set up in the hills and small towns of Northern India and while reading them we accompany him on this lovely walk through the woods… in the hills.

I personally am a big fan of Ruskin Bond’s writing. For me, he is an emotion that connects me instantly to my childhood days spent in the hills of Nainital. Through this article, I will be taking you on this picturesque tour of the magical world created by the magician, Ruskin Bond. So, be prepared to enter the enchanted world of Ruskin Bond with me-

A collection of famous Ruskin Bond books

Rusty Series

1. The Room on the Roof (1956)

It is a semi-autobiographical work by Ruskin Bond. This coming of age story is about a sixteen yar old orphaned boy Rusty, who is struggling in this world to find his own self. Mr. Bond himself was seventeen when he wrote this story. The portrayal of adolescence written by an adolescent is what that makes this book very special. His struggles, his loneliness, his hopes, his relationships and his newly found freedom; all these make this book a garden of colourful flowers in the hills of Dehra.

2. Vagrants in the Valley (1987)

This book is a sequel to ‘The Room on the Roof’. Here, Rusty is joined by Kishen in his travels and also in his journey of self-discovery. They identify with each other perfectly. They also make some new friends during their adventures in life. All the vagrants that join Rusty in this journey of life help him to realise what he really wants and how he should go about achieving it.

3. Rusty Runs Away (2002)

This book follows those five years of Rusty’s adolescent life when after his parents’ demise, he was left in the care of a guardian, Mr. Harrison, in Dehra. Soon he was sent to a boarding school from where he runs away with an ambition to travel the world. But he is soon back to Dehra as his plan failed miserably.

A book that beautifully captures the emotions of teenagers and is successful in holding reader’s attention till the end.

4. Rusty and the Leopard (2003)

Rusty is evolving through his experiences. After running away from his guardian’s home, he is now trying to discover his purpose of being while living with the Kapoor family in their house tutoring their son Kishen and occupying the room on the roof. Soon he forms a special bond with both, Kishen and Meena Kapoor. Meena’s company helps him to come out of is shell but then suddenly Meena dies and Rusty is left devastated again. He learns to move on, meets and befriends new people. He dreams of becoming a writer and by the end of the book he is preparing for a trip to London.

5. Rusty Goes to London (2004)

In his early twenties, Rusty leaves for London with a dream of writing and selling his novel abroad. London has many adventures in store for Rusty that contribute to make this book an engaging read.

Eventually Rusty manages to complete his novel. He even finds a publisher for it. After spending three years abroad, Rusty realises that he wants to get settled in India. After returning he becomes a full-time author.

6. Rusty Comes Home (2004)

This book tells the story of the time when Rusty is back from London and has settled down in Mussoorie. He has now become a full-time writer. The book has stories about the people whom he met in his favorite hills. A disabled child, a man who poisons people and a Jinn; these extraordinary characters help weave this interesting book which has a touch of supernatural to it.

7. The Adventures of Rusty: Collected Stories (2012)

This book is a collection of stories from the time when Rusty studied in a residential school in Dehra surrounded by assortment of relatives, the people living around and many strange animals. The book begins with Rusty’s carefree and adventurous childhood which progresses into a relatively gloomier youth. A major part of the book deals with the various friendships during his growing up years and another part deals with Rusty’s plan to run away from his school. This collection will be equally enjoyable as the other evergreen Ruskin Bond books.

8. Rusty the Boy From the Hills (2013)

This is a collection of semi-autobiographical short stories, stories about Rusty’s everyday life and the challenges he faced and how beautifully he came out winning. This book includes the incidents of many animals who were quite funny and interesting. Rusty meets with an accident also. He meets a princess and witnesses ghosts also. Overall a fresh and charming read which has a mix of adventure and fun while capturing the random experiences from Rusty’s growing up years.

9. Rusty and the Magic Mountain (2015)

A lively and humorous account of Rusty’s adventure to the magic mountain along with his two friends. This eventful journey is full of mysterious and supernatural events. On their way they take refuge in a forest rest house which turns out to be a haunted one.

The writing is so perfect that while reading the story we all experience all the events along with Rusty. Mr. Bond’s specialty of describing nature and its tiniest details, makes the overall experience of reading spookier. He has again successfully created this magic where the reader lives Rusty’s life in the hills.

Other Popular Work

10. The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella is a 1980 novella by Ruskin Bond which is till date amongst the most read books by Indian readers. It was adapted into a Hindi movie by the same name in 2005 and in 2012 this book was adapted into a comic book by Amar Chitra Katha publications with title The Blue Umbrella- Stories by Ruskin Bond. It is the story of a cheerful little girl Binya, who lives with her mother and elder brother in the hills of Garhwal.

One day she comes across some picnickers in the hills. They had a very beautiful blue umbrella which Binya acquires in exchange for her lucky leopard claw pendant. This umbrella brings unbound happiness in Binya’s life but at the same time many villagers started envying her also. One old shopkeeper Ram Bharosa eyed this treasured possession of Binya and decided to own it by any means.

Was Binya able to protect her beautiful blue umbrella from that greedy shopkeeper or fate holds something better for that little girl? To know the answer read this beautiful tale of a brave little girl.

11. Angry River

Angry River is a 1972 children’s novel about a young but brave-heart girl Sita, who fights against all odds to come out victorious. This girl lives with her grandparents on an island. One day, the river that surrounds their island, got angry. The little girl was all alone in the hut yet she handled the situation bravely and wisely and al last meets her saviour.

This short but beautiful story will definitely strike a chord in your heart and you will begin empathising with this brave girl. The narration is fantastic, as usual.

12. The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories

A wonderful collection of thirty different short stories by Ruskin Bond. These simple and sweet stories about the simple people who live in the hills are narrated beautifully by the author and have the power to teleport us to those picturesque hills instantly. Ruskin Bond has the magic of developing the most ordinary events into beautiful stories which we don’t even register in our minds most of the times.

The stories cover a wide range of genres, mostly inspired from the author’s own life spent in the foothills of Himalayas as a child. To name a few, The Eyes Have It, Panther’s Moon, The Kitemaker, The Thief, My father’s Trees in Dehra & The Night Train at Deoli.

This book is a delight for short story lovers as it has all the elements of Ruskin Bond’s magical writing which is bound to leave a smile on your face after the end of each story.

13. Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra

This, again, is a collection of sixteen short and beautiful stories. It is semi-autobiographical in nature and spans the period from the author’s childhood to the present. All the people the author has met in his journey of life, his friends, family, and many others, people who left an impact on his mind… so much that they are going to be alive through his stories forever.

His casual yet mesmerizing narratives have the power to leave an everlasting impression on the reader’s mind. Along with people, the author never forgets to showcase the serene beauty of the foothills of the Himalayas.

Mr. Bond received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1992 for this book, and a story from this collection- A Flight of Pigeons, was made into a film- Junoon.

14. Susanna’s Seven Husbands

A thrilling story about a mysterious rich woman who goes through six hasty marriages. None of her husbands survived for very long and all the deaths are surrounded by a cloud of suspense which leaves us pondering whether those were murders or mere accidents. And then her seventh husband…

The story is written from the perspective of Arun, a twelve-year-old boy, who is Susanna’s neighbour. A poignant dark humour written in such a lucid manner that it leaves us craving for more.

15. Delhi Is Not Far

This beautifully crafted novella is the story of a struggling writer of detective novels, Arun and his lie and people around him in a small, sleepy town of Pipalnagar. People in this town dream about going to Delhi to make a good living. Arun is awaiting his blockbuster novel and wishes to escape to Delhi from this dull town.

The emotions of small-town people are narrated so beautifully that we start to relate with them. A must read to feel the simplistic life of small-town people and their aspirations.

16. The Cherry Tree

A six-year-old boy plants a cherry seedling in his garden and watches it grow. He shares a special bond with his grandfather. With passing time, the small plant survives all odds until one day it was split into two by a grass cutter. On his ninth birthday that boy was rewarded with a wonderful sight. What was that? You must read the story to know further.

It is a beautiful story with a lovely message supported by eye catching illustrations and lucid writing. Teaches love, care, patience and what not. The most liked part by me was the lovely bond between the boy and his grandfather. I think this story would encourage kids to spend time with their ageing grandparents; to bond with them, which is sadly becoming absent in the current society and also, it teaches us to nurture nature. A perfect book with some lovely messages to inculcate the interest of reading in young kids.

17. Time Stops at Shamli and Other Stories

It is a brilliant collection of the best of Ruskin Bond’s short stories. Most of the stories are inspired from his own life, as told by him in the introduction. To name a few- Time Stops at Shamli, The Room of Many Colours, The Flight, The Haunted Bridge, He Said it with Arsenic and others. Among all, the title story Time Stops at Shamli and The Flight were my favourite. The title story has a flavour of mystery and supernatural. A small town Shamli is the place where Ruskin Bond’s train stopped every time he travelled to Delhi, for exactly five minutes. He is very inquisitive about this small and quiet place and during one such journey he gets down at the station to explore its mystic. A beautifully written story that encourages us to move on in life.

18. Grandfather’s Private Zoo by Ruskin Bond

Grandfather’s private zoo is a children’s novella consisting nine stories which are connected to each other. A cute little book that every child would love to read as small children easily get attached to animals and stories related to them.

The narrator of these stories is a little boy whose grandfather loves to keep a private zoo at his home. Few among those were naughty because of which they were sent out of the house. Through the little boy, Ruskin Bond teaches children to take care of the animals around us. Author’s love for nature and the efforts of preserving it, is again evident in this book.

19. Crazy Times With Uncle Ken

This book is a collection of all the stories related to Uncle Ken ever written by Ruskin Bond. It is a funny narration of Ruskin Bond’s encounters with his eccentric uncle Ken, when he was ten years old. This Uncle Ken is somehow attracted towards every possible misfortune present on Earth and Ruskin Bond has penned down each misadventure in such hilarious manner that the reader would be left in tears of joy during this laughter ride. A lovely and light read for people of all ages.

20. The Perfect Murder

It is an anthology of murder mysteries by some eminent writers like Arthur Conan Doyle, Wilkie Collins, Edgar Allen Poe, Jack Bilboard and our own Ruskin Bond, edited perfectly by Ruskin Bond.

The title story is about two brothers Paul and Henry who are waiting for an opportunity to kill their aunt. Were they able to plan ‘The Perfect Murder’? These crime mysteries will definitely keep the readers hooked as they try to figure out the motive behind the crime and identify the murderer

21. Monkey Trouble

A beautiful short story about Tutu, a mischievous monkey, who always creates problem for her owner. Narrator’s grandfather who is fond of animals buys this monkey, which turns out to be very naughty. She steals a necklace, spoils the cake and does many such things that land up her owner into deep trouble. This fun filled book is written for children and they would enjoy it for sure.

22. A Book of Simple Living

This book is a collection of moments from Ruskin Bond’s life spent in hills. His life in hills, his interaction with nature, long walks, his friendships and his love- all find place in this simple and sweet book. All the snippets are written so beautifully that it seems like a serene painting in making in front of our eyes. His simple writing clubbed with the vivid imagery make this book a sip of hot tea in the early mornings of winter. Definitely a must read to remind us to slow down in this hustle and bustle of city life.

23. When Darkness Falls and Other Stories

Again, a basket full of joy, a collection of short stories which are all very distinct because they are written by the master storyteller, Ruskin Bond. Yes, it is Mr. Bond’s effective writing that makes the mundane things look impressive and beautiful. The stories in the book are very simple yet touching. The characters range from a war veteran to a lazy servant. Some tales in the book have this eerie element in them but most of them are easy and smooth narratives wrapped up in Ruskin Bond’s hallmark writing style. A lovely short read that would take you down memory lane and make you nostalgic.

24. Rain in the Mountains: Notes From the Himalayas

Again, a beautiful collection of snippets from the author’s life spent in the foothills of Himalayas. If you are not a nature lover this book would make you one. India Today magazine reviewed this book with words, “Reading this collection of short stories, essays, poems and articles is literally like inhaling a lungful of fresh mountain air”; couldn’t be put more aptly. Ruskin Bond through his writing revives our aesthetic senses and make us feel the beauty and blessings that are bestowed upon us by mother nature, which we tend to overlook otherwise. This book is a kind of escape to the mountains along with the author and bring us back refreshed and recharged, ready to face the world once again.

25. Maharani

It is the story about a woman Neena, who is the widowed Maharani of Mastipur. She was Ruskin Bond’s classmate also during school days and he himself is narrating the story. She is beautiful, spoilt and extravagant; lives in a palatial house in Mussoorie and leads a lavish lifestyle… but her life seems purposeless. The story focuses on the life spent rather wasted by a Maharani owing to her royal antics.

26. Tales of Fosterganj

A refreshing story set in a fictional suburb on the outskirts of Mussoorie. It is a sleepy town which is described by the author as “Nothing much ever happens at Fosterganj”. However, if you have a keen eye for beauty and detail and an uncanny habit of finding yourself in trouble and adventures, “a lot can happen in Fosterganj”.

A writer from Delhi, who wishes to utilize the quaint silence of this sleepy town to finish writing few books, but very soon he is caught up in a series of hilarious adventures. So, once again the magician performed brilliant act with his pen using some astonishing characters like a pickpocket, a jewellery thief and a strange bank manager who is always on a lookout for leopards. On the whole, it’s a pleasant read that would surely make you forget your worries while reading.

27. A Flight of Pigeons

A haunting account of a British family who got stuck in the 1857 Mutiny and their struggles to reach safely to their relatives. The story is set in Shahjahanpur during the revolt of 1857, and is about a small girl Ruth Labadoor and her family who are helped by a local family to reach her relatives when her father is killed in an attack by sepoys.

A moving tale based on the true events, which shows glimpses of history with ethnic and religious tensions but in the end, humanity overshadowing everything. The story is narrated from Ruth’s point of view and told with simplicity and honesty. It is not a typical Bond book filled with humour and picturesque descriptions, rather it is serious story about humans… about humanity.

28. Ruskin Bond Children’s Omnibus

Ruskin Bond’s Children’s Omnibus is a collection of some of his most loved novellas for children. These sweet and simple stories about the simple people living in hills, will make your heart melt while reading. The Blue Umbrella, Angry River, Dust on the Mountain, The Road to the Bazaar, My Grandpa’s Zoo and Ghost Trouble, to name a few. Characters ranging from two sweet little girls, few naughty animals to a humorous ghost, all portrayed in Ruskin Bond’s iconic style which is very simple yet has depth in it. All these stories teach us some valuable lessons about life. Though the book is targeted at children, but is equally enjoyable for adults too.

29. Lone Fox Dancing

If you are a Ruskin Bond fan then you must read Lone Fox Dancing as it is all about Mr. Bond’s life and him. In this autobiographical journey Mr. Bond has given an honest insight of his difficult childhood, his love for nature and hills, his complex relationships, his loneliness and everything that he encountered and went through in life. A beautifully written journey that never lets the reader lose interest even once. Mr. Bond has written it in conversational form and has made the read quite engaging for readers. The photographs help the reader to go closer to him. Overall, it can be called the book of all his books as while reading it, we get to know the sources of inspirations behind most of his stories and the characters therein. Yet another wonderful read and a compulsory one for Ruskin Bond lovers.

You can read a detailed review of this book here.

30. Death Under the Deodars

Set in Mussoorie, in the year 1967, Death Under the Deodars is a collection of eight short stories, all of which revolve around the main character, Miss Ripley Bean. This mystery novel has too many characters and none of them is a detective still the crime is solved and the criminal is caught. This is the magic of Ruskin Bond’s writing that the readers witness and live the scenes along with the characters. His brilliant narration with flashes of gentle humour make this read a wonderful one.

31. Roads to Mussoorie

One more enchanting collection of the experiences and incidents from the time of Ruskin Bond’s life, when he was living in Mussoorie. A delightful read comprising of mesmerising and comforting descriptions about the perfect English breakfast, the roadside tea shops, the fellow travellers and many more such mundane things which we go unnoticed in our busy daily routines. His hilarious narration coupled with his insightful detailing gives us the flavour of his hallmark writing style an make us tour those year with him.

Mr. Bond has begun the book with a ‘Backward’, urging the reader to read the last chapter first, before deciding to go ahead with the book. On the whole, this book is dedicated to his dear city Mussoorie which was his home for several decades.

32. A Face in the Dark and Other Hauntings: Collected Stories of the Supernatural

This is a collection of all his tales of supernatural, opening with the most popular ‘A Face in the Dark’. Ruskin Bond is the artist who makes the supernatural appear absolutely normal and natural and thus becomes successful in captivating reader’s interest till the end. His ghosts are not stereotype who would scare you but they live and walk among us and this is what you will get uncomfortable about, while reading. For those, who love reading supernatural stories, this book by Ruskin Bond will prove to be an absolute delight.

33. Funny Side Up

This is a collection of humorous experiences from Ruskin Bond’s everyday life, ranging from his romantic fantasies, his uncle Ken’s misadventures, his eccentric cousin to monkeys and mynahs. The readers get a peek into his simple yet adventurous life through this book. Ruskin Bond has this special gift of making beautiful stories out of the simple routine things and the stories are written in typical Ruskin Bond style which is bound to trigger smile on the reader’s face. An enjoyable read that would definitely make your mood light and your funny side up.

34. A Season of Ghosts

The stories in this collection are set in the backdrop of Himalayas and hills of Mussoorie, Ruskin Bond’s hometown. His love for the hills is once again evident through this book. The book has ten, not-so-scary stories which will remain in the reader’s mind for many coming seasons. To name a few- Wilson’s Bridge, Whistling in the Dark, The Black Cat, Something in the Water, Night of the Millennium and Who Killed the Rani? The supernatural agents in these stories are anything but scary. An exciting collection with gripping mystery and the presence of the mighty Himalayas. A definite must read!

35. Dust on the Mountain

Again, a marvellous collection of eighty-nine chosen stories by Ruskin Bond which are inspired from his childhood days, his family issues, his childhood friends, his belongings and the sad as well as adventurous experiences that he had in his life. It’s a long book filled with emotions, nature and beauty. It features stories like- Untouchable (his first short story), The Kitemaker, The Coral Tree, Time Stops at Shamli, Going Home, Sia and the River, The Eyes Have it, Love is a Sad Song, The Night Train at Deoli, Dust on the Mountain, The Cherry Tree, The Woman on Platform No. 8 and many more. These stories are from different genres including paranormal. If you are a Ruskin Bond fan then you must own this book as it has almost all of his popular stories in it.

36. School Days

School Days is a collection of stories that take us back to our school days. It has some of the most adventurous and amazing school stories written by some world-renowned writers like, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Anton Chekhov, and many others. As mentioned in the blurb of this book, it captures every mood and sentiment of the most splendid phase of one’s life and it also depicts the
diversity of school life through stories of different cultures and communities and offers contrasts as well as similarities between the lives of students of different regions.

Edited by Ruskin Bond, this book is a gem on the bookshelf of the young as well as the adult readers. It also has two fun stories written by Ruskin Bond himself, as a bonus. Surely go for it!

37. The Book of Nature

This book brings together the collection of all the favourite write-ups of Ruskin Bond, on nature. We all know how ‘nature’ cannot be separated from Mr. Bond’s writing and stories; this book celebrates all the vivid descriptions of nature and his rendezvous with its various elements. You will be astonished to read the depth with which he explained about insects, flowers, serenity of the hills, noise that insects make and every single thing that is in nature.

This book is a peaceful tour to Ruskin Bond’s private garden where he weaves stories out of the tiniest possible details. Overall, this book is a treat for nature lovers.

38. Love Among the Bookshelves

We all have grown up with Ruskin Bond stories … and some (like me) still enjoy reading him. Love Among the Bookshelves is part memories and part anthology, where Mr. Bond tells us about the stories he grew up with. It is very interesting to know about what inspired our beloved Ruskin Bond to have become a master-storyteller himself. A delightful glimpse into the author’s life through the books he has loved and the more interesting part is the narratives built by him around those books instead of simply mentioning their names. It introduced us to some handpicked foreign classics also.

A must have for a Ruskin Bond fan.

39. The India I Love

This is collection of prose and poems, which highlights the author’s love for India and its people. We can call it a sneak peek into the life of this master-storyteller where he recounts his life from his early childhood to the age of seventy. He has shared his experiences about his life at Mussoorie and Dehradun, his beautiful surroundings, the interesting people he had met, his friends, his adopted family, his passion and his love for India. All the chapters begin with a small poem, which is quite interesting. The writing is enlightening because of Mr. Bond’s experiences which he has acquired over the decades by observing life and people.

A sweet and inspirational memoir which teaches one to appreciate everything that is bestowed by nature, especially the gift of our lives.

40. All Roads Lead to Ganga

It is a travel memoir in which Ruskin Bond has captured the serenity of mountain life so well that you would direly wish to escape to that place. In reality we cannot just run away from our responsibilities and busy life but a book like this, is a refreshing breeze which would calm down our anxieties and recharge us fully to face the life again with full zeal.

41. The Great Train Journeys

It is a collection of fourteen short stories where Mr. Bond takes us on a journey of the small peaceful towns of India. He says, “I leave you to read these, with the promise that they will take you back to a time when life was not so full of care and there was time to stand and stare”. The stories don’t just mention the train journeys and the stations but they touch upon the lives of the passengers also. The Great Train Journeys- a delight to read and a treasure to keep. 

42. The Kitemaker: Stories

A splendid collection of some of Mr. Bond’s acclaimed stories, woven with love and emotions with a touch of humour in the tone. It starts with ‘Life with Father’, a touching account of the time spent by the author with his father. Then the title story ‘Kitemaker’ would take you back to your childhood, those carefree kite flying times. It’s a sad story though, where a master Kitemaker reminisces about the good old days when people had time as well as interest for such hobbies like kite flying.

43. Potpourri

As the name suggests, it is a collection of stories of different moods by Ruskin Bond. These stories cover a number of themes varying from horror to romance and crime to mystery. In this book, Mr. Bond recollects his time spent in Mussoorie along with the several other places he visited. The characters are simple people leading simple lives and the stories are from the everyday life of these people.

44. The Hidden Pool

It is the first novel for children by Ruskin Bond. A beautiful story of three friends who discover a secret pool on the mountainside. There they plan for an adventure- a trek to the Pindari glacier, where no one from their town has gone yet. All the charms of Ruskin Bond writing are present in it and it would be thoroughly enjoyed by children for sure.

45. Looking for the Rainbow: My Years With Daddy

It is a short memoir by Ruskin Bond which he wrote as a tribute to his father, recounting the two years which he spent with his father in Delhi during the early 1940s. Those times were spent with books, visits to the cinema and walks and conversations with his father. Mr. Bond has shared some of his profound personal experiences so earnestly that it would make us love him more. He wrote about his time off from school, his friends, his re-joining the new school, how he lost his father and how he coped with the loss.

All in all, it is a trip down memory lane by Ruskin Bond to his own pas. A definite treat for the readers. Looking for the Rainbow is Mr. Bond’s first memoir for children.

46. Falling in Love Again

It I a collection of all the love stories that Ruskin Bod has written ever, featuring the classics such as The Eyes Have It, Time Stops at Shamli and Susanna’s Seven Husbands. An easy read which has some stories for adults only. On the whole, a book that would remind you of your first love or the heartbreaks and more importantly, would inspire to fall in love again.

47. Tales and Legends From India

A children’s collection of stories from Hindu mythology and other folklore. The book is mainly divided into three parts- tales from the Hindu epics, tales from the Jataka and the regional folklore with detailed annotations on the sources of each of them. These tales hail from different parts of the country, about followers of different faiths; stories of kings and commoners, tribal people and townsmen, stories of people from all walks of life. In author’s words, “India is more than a land- it is an atmosphere- and this book is designed to give the readers the feel of India and recapture some of its old magic.”

A must read for children as it would help them to connect to their roots.

48. No Man Is an Island: Stories of Friendship and Bonding

It is a collection of eighteen heart warming stories about friendship and boning. Mr. Bond talks about his childhood friends, his unusual companions, also his loneliness. All the stories highlight the need for companionship in life. Like all Ruskin Bond books, this one will also evoke a feeling of nostalgia while reading. The simplicity of his writing and the simple topics he chose to build stories will leave you astonished that how can such mundane incidents be developed into such marvellous narratives.

49. A Song of Many Rivers

This is a short travelogue of the author with stories from his travels to the important rivers and shrines in Northern India. He not only describes the tranquillity of these rivers but also focuses on the historic background and the folklore connected with each of them. This compilation of Mr. Bond’s river stories is a bit different than his other books as it is a combination of travelogues, folklore, fiction and his childhood memories.

50. Tigers for Dinner: Tall Tales by Jim Corbett’s Khansama

This book is a collection of stories narrated by Jim Corbett’s khansama (cook) Mehmood, to the little Ruskin Bond. Mehmood shares his tall tales about saving the Maharaja from a wild boar, wrestling with a king cobra and many more, from the times when he served the famous hunter Jim Corbett as a cook. The little kid is awestruck by his cook’s extraordinary courage. Definitely a delightful read for children.

51. A Little Book of Beauty

A little book of beauty about ‘beauty’ in its real sense by one beautiful soul, Ruskin Bond. It is a collection of poems and ideas of the author and many other acclaimed writers. Most of the writings are inspired by nature (which any Ruskin Bond fan can guess). Read it to know how Ruskin Bond celebrated beauty. Some of the stories are- Ranji the Music Maker, The Tiger in the Tunnel, The Wind on the Haunted Hill, The Beast with Five Fingers, etc.

52. Ranji the Music Maker

It is the story of a boy named Ranji and his adventures with various musical instruments. This boy, during his vacations, explores the storeroom of his home and finds various musical instruments of his late grandfather. Without any knowledge he starts playing the old flute and manages to entertain all the animals of his neighborhood. But when he plays the next instrument, he was asked to play it outside by his mother. An impressive story with equally endearing illustrations, promises to keep your child glued to it.

53. The Tiger in the Tunnel

This book is a compilation of short stories about wildlife and nature written by eminent writers like Rudyard Kipling, C.A. Kincaid, John Eyton and others. From tigers, elephants, mongooses and leopards to jackals, panthers, snakes and cats – Bond covers them all, humble and mighty, in this collection. He has handpicked these stories from his archives and presented to us in form of this book. A wonderful read that would be cherished equally by children as well as adults.

54. Stories of Wisdom

Yet again a marvel by Ruskin Bond, Stories of Wisdom has two wonderful stories that give strong messages of wisdom. The book captures the simple lives of people living in Himalayan foothills, their struggles and the day-to-day challenges faced by them. The changing conditions of the hills owing to modernisation, have made the lives of these people very difficult and Mr. Bond has beautifully carved meaningful stories out of these situations. Definitely these are ‘stories of wisdom’ for all of us as the author, very sensibly conveys the message of loving and living with nature in harmony. A beautiful short read which the children would definitely enjoy.

55. Great Stories for Children

It is a collection of some of Ruskin Bond’s most amazing children’s stories. There are some very popular stories like- A Special Tree, Romi and the Wildfire, Monkey Trouble, The Thief’s Story and The Overcoat, in the book. It has a mix of emotional and fun stories. A slight touch of spookiness is also there because of the supernatural element in a story. Then there are, Toto the monkey, the python and the mischievous ghost, who add up to the fun element. Some stories would take you back to your school life and make you nostalgic. In all, a wonderful collection of stories for children which will help them visualise and think creatively.

56. The Essential Collection for Young Readers

Another gem by our favourite Ruskin Bond. As the title suggests, it indeed is an essential collection for the young readers. This book is a lovely collage of 24 beautiful stories by Mr. Bond, some of which are amongst his most loved writings, like- The Blue Umbrella and The Night Train at Deoli. Mr. Bond has been delighting us for so many decades now, with his heart-warming tales about the people of hills. Each new generation of readers first get used to read him and then fall in love with his simple stories of friendship, love and coming-of-age. He is a master at observing and narrating the seemingly ordinary events in a distinct manner that mesmerises the readers of all age groups. This book has stories about all his beloved characters and places as well. A must have book for Ruskin Bond lovers, especially the young ones.

57. Whispering In The Dark

Whispering in the Dark is a collection of some selected horror stories that will send shivers down your spine. The elements of supernatural, suspense and mystery together will keep you glued to it till the end. The ghosts of Ruskin Bond stories are not like the ordinary ones; they, at times, are humorous and at times, are melancholic also. The readers easily establish a connect with these ghosts, such is the writing of this skilled author. Most of his horror stories are set in the hills, as like his other stories. He says that he draws inspiration from the local ghost stories. In his own words, “Our hill stations have plenty of ghosts. Many of them left behind by the British in dak bungalows and colonial cottages. After some residents of hill station had died, dramatic stories would emerge about them reappearing.” Stories like The Empty House, The Decoy, The White Tiger are sure to tingle your body with their spookiness. A good story for ghost story lovers and a must read for the Ruskin Bond fans.

58. How to Be a Writer

A plethora of text is available on ‘How to be a Writer’ but hey, this time it’s the master storyteller telling us how to begin with writing a book. The most unique thing about this book is that it is not aimed at the adults only rather children are the primary target of this book. Hence, it becomes the guidebook of writing books for the young and budding writers. Isn’t it a great thing- the magician himself teaching his secrets of the magic that he does with his pen, to the young minds? Mr. Bond has given the step-by-step guidance, beginning with ‘How do we begin?’ to ‘Getting Published’. All the possible questions that would come to a beginner’s mind are answered by him under different topics. His own motivation to write and the discussion about the necessary surroundings would help people to introspect and recognise their desire and capabilities to write a book. Icing on the cake is the mention of all those books which influenced the master himself. A definite must have in every reader’s collection!

59. A Little Book of Happiness

A beautiful book of meaningful quotes that would guide one towards the secrets of happiness. These wonderful quotes and short verses are by the most famous writers in the world and by our own Ruskin Bond sir. These are the crux of the observations and experiences that he had gathered in his lifetime. He has tried to explain the secrets of happiness in very simple yet profound words that would definitely help one to focus on the positive side of life and help realise that happiness could be found in simple small things that are already present around us.

A beautiful to cherish and a great choice for gifting too.

60. Getting Granny's Glasses

A heart-warming story about the journey of getting a pair of new glasses for a seventy-year-old granny as she can barely see through her old scratched glasses. Granny and her grandson Mani, set off to buy a new pair with only rupees one hundred fifty in their pockets. The adventures they go through while reaching the town make their journey interesting and exciting as well.

A beautifully told story accompanied with lovely illustrations, is definitely a must to encourage and inculcate reading in small kids.

61. Thick as Thieves: Tales of Friendship

A lovely collection of Ruskin Bond’s 25 selected short stories and writings. Stories of friendship, stories of hills, stories of childhood… Ruskin Bond has this magic of making the readers nostalgic about the childhood spent in Himalayan foothills without having actually lived there. Amazing and effortless writing and simple English clubbed with classic sense of humour, make this book a delightful read. It also has a touching poem ‘A Song for the Lost Friends’, in which the author is reminiscing about his childhood friends in Dehradun and the emptiness that surrounded him after his mother’s remarriage.

Overall a good book which has the power to make you smile and will bring tears to yours eyes also at the same time.

62. Collected Short Stories

It is a wonderful collection of seventy beautiful stories, including classics like Time Stops at Shamli, A Face in the Dark, The Eyes Have it, Dust on the Mountain and The Kitemaker. A lovely collection by a great writer which has stories about almost every emotion and all his favourite characters. Stories about everyday life and common people are the focus of this book, not social issues. Also, only social issue he writes about is- nature, his love for which is glaringly visible in his writing.

In an interview, Ruskin Bond once said that books became his friends and provided him the comfort which he needed during the most difficult times. So, here is a friend, who will accompany you whenever you look at it for help. Seventy stories by the master storyteller, is like a jackpot in one single book. The stories with a soothing effect are as good for adults as they are of children. A must have for everyone’s bookshelf. Highly recommended.

63. The Room of Many Colours: A Treasury of Stories for Children

It is a wonderful collection of seventy beautiful stories, including classics like Time Stops at Shamli, A Face in the Dark, The Eyes Have it, Dust on the Mountain and The Kitemaker. A lovely collection by a great writer which has stories about almost every emotion and all his favourite characters. Stories about everyday life and common people are the focus of this book, not social issues. Also, only social issue he writes about is- nature, his love for which is glaringly visible in his writing.

In an interview, Ruskin Bond once said that books became his friends and provided him the comfort which he needed during the most difficult times. So, here is a friend, who will accompany you whenever you look at it for help. Seventy stories by the master storyteller, is like a jackpot in one single book. The stories with a soothing effect are as good for adults as they are of children. A must have for everyone’s bookshelf. Highly recommended.

Do let us know if you enjoyed reading this list of Ruskin Bond Books!

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